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BlackPositiveSingles.com is a STD dating site for black positive singles that understands your dilemma in such a situation. It brings thousands of black singles with a similar goal together. Regardless of your STD status, this site rekindles love in you by bringing others with similar interests closer to you thus helping you find romance, date and meaningful relationships.

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The chat is anonymous and confidential. You can ask anything about STD and our live counselor will answer you questions as soon as possible.

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Don't worry about it. There are many successful stories to help you understand how to live with STD.

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You are not required to submit any information that makes you uncomfortable. All your personal information remains private and anonymous until you decide to take things further.

Why BlackPositiveSingles.com?

In a world where we are preoccupied with work finding true love isn't easy. But if you have an STD like herpes, HPV or HIV dating becomes even more difficult. Some people give up yet others are forced to live lonely boring lives.

We understand the difficulty you are confronted with because we have been faced with the same challenge. That's why we decided to form the virtual meeting place to help black single men and women find their soul mates easily.

With hundreds of thousands of members from all over the world, we increase your chances of finding someone who wants you just as you are. Besides we don't allow any member to discriminate or use harsh language about the other. After all, we all fall into the same category, right? All we strive is to make your dating simpler, find love, and be happy once more.

What are the benefits?

I highly encourage you to sign up with the site. As a member you stand to gain in many ways including the following:

Easy way to get a match

Remember the primary aim of this site is to help you connect with other black singles. So we take it seriously. In the ordinary world, it isn't easy to identify someone of the opposite sex who is African, single, STD positive and looking for a date.

However, on this site, we bring you a pool of such members. You don't have to struggle so much. We have gone that extent and identified them, and even brought them to the dating site. So what's keeping you from getting a match is not signing in.

No stigmatization

As the name of the site suggests, we bring together members who have been unfortunate to be STD positive. Out there in the world, being HIV or herpes simplex positive is a ticket to being sidelined or looked down upon. But on this site, we all share the same fate. Moreover, the website doesn't tolerate discrimination of any member on the basis of his STD status. So you have a reason to brave your hunt of a date on the site.

Your location doesn't matter

Regardless of where you are, BlackPositiveSingles will benefit you. We have black singles spread all over the world. So that makes it easy to find a suitable match or date within your country or even neighborhood. Besides, technology has made the world to operate as a global village. You can chat and talk with anyone from any part of the world. And after introductory messages, you can arrange for a physical meeting.

Share ideas and improve other people's lives

We all want to live a better life. STD threatens and brings gloom over your face. At BlackPositiveSingles, we give you the chance to share your experiences and ideas with other people. Doing so relieves the pressure and burden off your heart; at least to an extent. Besides, you get to learn practical ideas and share your experience with others thus improving lives.

Showcase yourself through a detailed profile

Just like in an ordinary dating setting, we give you the advantage of deciding how much or how little to talk about yourself. That means you are in control of how much to reveal to others. Your detailed profile helps you to attract like-minded partners. You don’t have to open yourself fully to everyone on the platform; except those you choose to.

Reinvent yourself and find meaning in life

On this black dating site, you have full confidence to meet and mingle with others. The fact that you are all sailing in the same boat boosts your morale and rejuvenates you. Instead of isolating yourself, you get the chance to meet those who care and appreciate you. In other words, we give you the chance to reinvent yourself, kick away boredom and loneliness. Even before you meet your date, you won’t be downhearted on this platform.

So all that remains is for you to sign up and fill up your profile with the necessary information. Why be lonely when someone is longing to meet you and bring a smile over your face. Forget about those who haven't realized your worth.

We strive to screen out suspicious characters from the site. However, we advise you to tread with caution not overexpose your identity at the first virtual meeting. Date safely. So sign up now and meet thousands of other black singles!